Valarie Hoffman, Pharm.D.

Associate Director, Marketing

Val comes to Long Grove with a diverse set of skills that spans the healthcare industry. As a PharmD and a former hospital pharmacy leader, she brings her clinical expertise and in-depth understanding of what is valuable to our healthcare customers and their patients. After a career in hospital pharmacy, Val joined Xellia Pharmaceuticals where she played integral roles to bridge clinical experts, customers, R&D and commercial teams to bring generic molecule and proprietary formulation projects to market. We welcome Val to the Long Grove team where she will have roles in managing our future product pipeline and marketing our approved products.

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Q: Share with us about your journey to Long Grove- what are you bringing from your past?

A: At Xellia I was able to wear many hats and contribute to the marketing, portfolio development and medical teams. This experience, combined with my history as a hospital pharmacy operations manager has afforded me the unique perspective to understand what our customers truly want from their pharma partners and how to best deliver the value that they need to effectively take care of their patients.

Q: Can you describe what elements of the business you’re most passionate about?

A: The 505(b)(2) approval pathway for products that are in our pipeline is incredibly exciting. Developing generic molecules into novel formulations that have the potential to ease operational burdens in healthcare, improve treatment outcomes or simply give providers and patients another treatment choice is what motivates me every day.

Q: If we look toward the future of pharmaceuticals, what do you think is one of the most important steps we can take now for a better tomorrow?

A: Minimizing drug shortages- we all need to take steps to ensure we support a healthy supply chain. This will reduce the time and money that our healthcare system spends managing drug shortages each year, giving these resources back to our patients. This concern will be top of mind for me as I focus on my role at Long Grove.