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Stephanie Daleanes-Shea

Major Account Executive, Midwest Region

Stephanie Daleanes-Shea is an experienced and strategic account leader who has built and led high-performing, cross-functional teams within pharmaceutical companies such as Astellas, Novartis, Takeda, and others. Leveraging her clinical background as a registered nurse to deeply understand customers’ needs, Stephanie builds enduring, mutually advantageous partnerships and consistently drives revenue growth and performance.

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Q: What inspires you most about working at Long Grove?

A: Our people truly live the mission, and that’s exciting to me. We are all motivated to collaborate and there’s a culture of thoughtfulness in the way we interact that makes our work so much better. I value the pipeline we are developing and the way we are solution-oriented.

Q: What trends do you notice in the pharmaceutical industry?

A: Having both a clinical and business background, I’m interested in the way companies are working to simplify the inherent complexity of our work. It takes so much to bring a product to market – but at the end of the day, it’s about giving patients and healthcare providers the answers they are waiting for. The resources and experience the Long Grove team possesses are amazing. Because we so deeply understand the complexities of the market and the products we are developing, we can simplify the experience we provide our customers.

Q: How has your experience as a nurse shaped your perspective?

A: I’m a clinical pediatrics nurse, and I embrace the opportunity to educate people about healthcare. In my role now, I’m deeply motivated to understand our customers and their pain points so I can find synergies between what they’re looking for and what we offer. Conversations with other healthcare professionals are the high points of my day.