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Jeffrey Boesen

Vice President, Supply Chain

Jeff is a seasoned executive leader who holds more than three decades of experience in global supply chain management for the pharmaceutical industry, including more than 20 years with Abbott Laboratories. He has directed all aspects of national and global purchasing, sourcing, and supplier management to support multibillion-dollar sales operations for injectables and other product families. In his most recent role, he led the transformation of Fresenius Kabi’s North American purchasing team and collaborated on a variety of product launches. Jeff holds extensive expertise in implementing strategic change management and optimizing operations to enhance cost savings, ensure supply and mitigate risk. He joins Long Grove Pharmaceuticals to lead the supply chain organization and support commercialization of its generics portfolio. Jeff is known for inspiring excellence and fostering a collaborative culture to strengthen one of the most integral parts of the supply chain: quality relationships with and between both internal and external partners.

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Q: If we look to the future of pharmaceuticals, what do you think are the most important steps we can take now for a better tomorrow?

A: Our world has been forever changed. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us the importance of long-term strategic planning to ensure a robust supply chain. A good strategic plan must mitigate risk and ensure continuity of supply, accounting for the possibility of large-scale events and disruptions. Now more than ever, planning is the foundation for success.

Q: What are you enthusiastic about in healthcare
and pharmaceuticals?

A: I am most passionate about the patients we serve and the way we improve people’s lives through our products. We have a great responsibility to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality products are reaching the market for our patients. Throughout my 30-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, this has been my focus every day.

Q: Share one of your favorite Long Grove memories
(so far!)

A: What a great privilege to be part of the launch of a new company and to work alongside such stellar colleagues. I am delighted to be with Long Grove at this defining moment, and I look forward to realizing our ambitious vision to bring affordable, competitive products to market.