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Dan Robins, Ph. D.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Leading with intention and background of robust leadership, Dan Robins, Ph.D., has over 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in research and development. With a portfolio of growth at Mylan, Bioniche Pharma, and Abraxis BioScience, he’s also held leadership positions at Barr Laboratories, Inc. and scientific roles at Schering-Plough Research Institute Mallinckrodt Veterinary, and Pentech Pharmaceuticals. With a masterate and doctorate in chemistry from Ohio State University combined with an additional masterate degree from New York University, Dan is positioning Long Grove Pharmaceuticals to elevate the future of generics to make what’s ahead far brighter.

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Q: What about the generics market excites you? What possibilities are in the future?

A: As innovative therapeutics advance to the marketplace to meet unmet medical needs and improve patient outcomes, our role at LGP is to bring high-quality, cost-effective generic medicine to benefit society.

Q: Share with us about your journey to Long Grove- what are you bringing from your past?

A: Long Grove Pharmaceuticals was built on the heritage of two development partnerships with Celerity Pharmaceuticals, LLC (institutional products) and Gage Development, LLC (retail products). Many of our team members who worked to advance those programs are now focused on the Long Grove Pharmaceuticals pipeline.

Q: What sets Long Grove apart?

A: Long Grove is laser focused on the development of complicated therapeutics. We are a small, nimble, and devoted team surrounded by world-renowned experts, research organizations, and best-in-class manufacturing partners. Success will be measured by new generic product introductions.