Bryan Pineda

Associate Director, Supply Chain

Bryan is a collaborative leader with more than 20 years of supply chain and procurement experience in manufacturing and production environments, including high-value product launches. He has achieved significant improvements in inventory control and cost reduction while leading purchasing, sourcing, and supply chain management teams with Fresenius Kabi, Avantor, and other companies. Bryan manages all aspects of supply chain activities that lead to commercialization, including scheduling, contract negotiation, materials purchasing, managing deliveries, forecasting, and planning.

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Q: What are some of the greatest opportunities you see ahead for Long Grove?

A: As we develop products and get ready to launch, keeping in close contact with our partners in manufacturing and keeping our commercial teams informed is key. Long Grove has built great partnerships that allow us to optimize our inventory and continue to meet our customers’ needs at launch and continuously thereafter.

Q: What are some of your key areas of focus?

A: Keeping the right level of inventory for each product we bring to market after approval is a careful balance. Every day is a new challenge, and that’s what is exciting to me. It’s critical to develop strong relationships with sales and marketing teams and to deeply understand the market and forecast demand.

Q: How does good supply chain management prevent drug shortages?

A: Shortage is all about prevention: keeping enough product in the supply chain, ensuring adequate communication with our manufacturing partners, and investing in safety stock. Long Grove is well positioned to maintain the nimbleness to make real-time decisions and keep the supply chain healthy as our customers’ needs evolve.