Anand Patel

Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Development & Strategy

With more than 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical business development and corporate strategy, Anand Patel is today poised to help further accelerate Long Grove Pharmaceuticals’ growth. He brings a wealth of knowledge in the generic and branded pharmaceutical space as a result of his diverse background in business segments such as investment banking, private equity and corporate strategy.

Before joining the Long Grove leadership team, Anand headed business development and partnered on the portfolio strategy for branded, hospital, and generic divisions of Endo International. Previously, he held leading roles in business development and corporate strategy for several companies including Par Pharmaceuticals, JHP Pharmaceuticals, and EKR Therapeutics.

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Q: What kinds of products are you most excited about adding to the Long Grove portfolio?

A: Long Grove’s portfolio is purpose built to address both patient and customer needs. I am thrilled to have the chance to now build on that effort as we work to identify and create products that are innovative and designed to serve those specific needs.

Q: Can you describe what elements of the business that you’re most passionate about?

A: The partnerships we’re focused on at Long Grove are those that uphold the true definition of the word. I’m excited to continue to build partnerships where both companies can harmonize their strengths and amplify the ability to bring unique products to market, addressing unmet needs for patients and customers.

Q: What sets Long Grove apart?

A: I am most passionate about creating win-win-win situations. When patients win, our customers also win and our business serves the community in the process.