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Mike Davidson

Vice President, Business Development and Licensing

Mike’s three-decade career stretches across the pharmaceutical industry, including positions with both major branded pharmaceutical companies and, for the last 15 years, on the generics side. Nearly all his generics experience has been in the areas of injectables and topical products, with a concentration since 2009 in the generics strategic business development and licensing space. Mike has successfully developed more than 30 separate strategic global partnerships covering more than 50 different products, a significant percentage of which have been successfully commercialized. Mike holds a chemical engineering degree and prides himself on employing a business-forward mindset focused on building relationships that enable long term win-win partnerships to grow and flourish.

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Q: What about the generics market excites you? What possibilities are in the future?

A: Our team is developing solutions that offer more affordable options and more reliable supply of medicines to patients. I particularly enjoy being part of a team that is working side by side with our strategic external partners to solve technical barriers that allow Long Grove Pharmaceuticals to realize commercial breakthroughs on challenging and complex formulation technologies associated with emulsions, suspensions, premixes, and long-acting formulation technology. We take on these exciting challenges head on to bring forward a true partner solution.

Q: If we look to the future of pharmaceuticals, what do you think are the most important
steps we can take now for a better tomorrow?

A: The pharmaceutical industry has faced many recent challenges and is constantly evolving. While the global Covid pandemic is now practically behind us, its impacts will have long lasting effects, particularly in the supply of key packaging components and APIs and to the development budgets of generic companies. This adds more risk–and potentially more reward–to the product development, approval, and commercialization cycle. However, the industry is constantly evolving, and I believe we are just now entering another period of rapid consolidation globally. Because of this, we must remain creative and innovative to stay at least one step ahead of our global competition. From a strategic portfolio development perspective, companies that can create the right product mix and then rapidly execute on the development and commercialization of those products are the only ones who will be able to build value and sustain long term growth given the current global competitive landscape.

Q: What sets Long Grove apart?

A: Long Grove Pharmaceuticals’ technical experience and diversity along with our rapid and streamlined decision making gives us a distinct BD&L and strategic partnership advantage. Every product development project and strategic partnership faces challenges along the way. Responding to those challenges in a timely manner, with a laser-focus on win-win solutions and outcomes sets us apart from our competition and enables us to build and maintain long-term strategic partnerships. Our team also has a tremendous track record of success in both the development and commercialization of products, and this make us an intriguing story to present for new strategic partner development. It also allows us to grow and nurture our existing strategic partner base to continually add additional products over time.